On Marcos Jr.’s foreign policy

With Robin Garcia and Richard Heydarian, we talked to The Chiefs veteran journalists Roby Alampay and Ed Lingao of ONE NEWS on the latest political developments in Marcos Jr.’s Philippines. We focused on the president’s latest foreign trips and his administration’s foreign policy. My contribution to our discussions centered on unpacking the domestic drivers of… Continue reading On Marcos Jr.’s foreign policy

On Marcos Jr’s plan to run Agriculture with his left hand

On The Chiefs on One News, I talked to veteran journalists Ed Lingao, Roby Alampay, and Amy Pamintuan to share my thoughts on how the Marcos Jr cabinet is shaping up and his plan to run the Agriculture department with his left hand. Here is the recorded video of the interview (23:59-56:00). I’ve also summarized… Continue reading On Marcos Jr’s plan to run Agriculture with his left hand

A vice presidency of many firsts

On ANC, I joined the ABS-CBN special live coverage of the inauguration of Sara Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio as the the country’s 15th Vice President. In the interview (which I have also summarized in the text below), I talked about what I think we can expect from this vice presidency of many firsts. With overwhelming popular support… Continue reading A vice presidency of many firsts

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