Funded Projects


  • Awarded PHP 100,000 by the Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation and the UN Development Programme Philippines for the research project “Linking media systems and disinformation vulnerability: The case of Southeast Asia” with Jose Mari H. Lanuza (University of the Philippines Manila) as co-investigator.
  • Awarded PHP 300,000 by the Asia Democracy Network for the research project “Influence of non-democratic actors in Asia” with Karel Jian Galang (Asia Democracy Network) as co-researcher.


  • Awarded PHP 100,000 by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of the Philippines for the research project “Filipina social media influencers and young women’s meaning-making: Everyday womanhood and citizenship” with Veronica L. Gregorio (National University of Singapore) as co-investigator.


  • Awarded PHP 100,000 by the Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy for the research project “Listening to the populist publics in the Philippines” as principal investigator.


  • Awarded PHP 200,000 by the Central European University Budapest Foundation for the research project “Grounding populism: Perspectives from the populist publics” as principal investigator.
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