Journal articles

  • Arguelles, Cleve V. and Clio C. Pantaleon. 2020. “Unholy alliance? Ordinary religious Christian women’s responses to Rodrigo Duterte’s gendered populism”. Review of Women’s Studies 29(2):85-112. [Paper]
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2019. “We are Rodrigo Duterte: Dimensions of the Philippine populist publics’ vote.” Asian Politics & Policy 11(3):417-437. [Paper]
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2019. 青年是否正在虚度青春 ——作为菲律宾千禧一代新兴政治的数字公民 <Is youth really wasted on the young? Digital citizenship as an emerging politics of Filipino millennials> translated by Hao Yuman”. Refeng Xueshu <<热风学术网刊>> 14(September):47-62. [Paper in Chinese]
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2019. “Health as an electoral currency in the Philippines: Insights from political ethnography.” Philippine Journal of Health Research and Development 22(1):44-54. [Paper]

Edited journal special issues

  • Arguelles, Cleve V. and Veronica L. Gregorio, 2020. “Editorial Introduction: Duterte’s Philippines in the world of gendered populism.” Review of Women’s Studies 29(2):ix-xvi. [Paper]
  • Jean-Paul Gagnon, Emily Beausoleil, Kyong-Min Son, Cleve Arguelles, Pierrick Chalaye, and Callum N Johnston. 2018. “Editorial: What is populism? Who is the populist?”. Democratic Theory 5(2):vi-xxvi. [Paper]

Book and book chapters

  • Arguelles, Cleve V. and Luisito Cagandahan Abueg. 2021. Practical Research 1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Oxford University Press.
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2020. “From self-regulation to state intervention: Shifting modes of social media regulation in Asia.” In Regulating the Cyberspace: Perspectives from Asia, edited by Gisela Elsner and Aishwarya Natarajan. Singapore: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Rule of Law Programme Asia, pp. 79-94. [Paper]
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2020. “Apathetic millennials? The personal politics of today’s young people.” In Rethinking Filipino Millennials: Alternative Perspectives on a Misunderstood Generation, edited by Jayeel Cornelio. Manila, Philippines: University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, pp. 29-46. [Paper]
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2017. “Duterte’s other war: The battle for EDSA People’s Power’s memory.” In A Duterte Reader: Critical Essays on Rodrigo Duterte’s Early Presidency, edited by Nicole Curato. New York, USA: Cornell University Press, pp. 267-288. [Paper]


  • Arguelles, Cleve V., Jayantha Dehi Aththage, Karel Jiaan Galang, Bidyalaxmi Salam, and Amaël Vier. 2019. The 2019 Thai General Election: A Missed Opportunity for Democracy. Bangkok, Thailand: Asian Network for Free Elections. [Report in English] [Report in Thai]
  • Arguelles, Cleve V. 2019. Depriving the Populist Fire of its Oxygen: Listening to the Philippine Populist Publics.Quezon City, Philippines: Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy. [Report]

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